I am Creative Director, Marketing Director, Art Director, Brand Strategist, Designer, Copywriter, Content Creator, Lead Generator and Communications Professional—all intertwined into one. Equally at home in Excel or InDesign, for the past 20+ years I have successfully devoted concurrent time to each of these disciplines for a wide array of B2B and B2C companies and clients, and even winning a few creative awards along the way.
Equal parts left and right brain, I am an analytical, creative marketing leader who loves leading and building teams to solve complex brand marketing challenges—especially for companies others may consider "too boring" or "too challenging" creatively. Talented, dogged, tight-knit teams can accomplish great things!
From concept to completion, the details matter.
I take great pride in nurturing an idea from concept on through to completion and melding it with a multi-channel marketing strategy that delivers results. For me, successful brand marketing is always about the big picture and how each element integrates together at every customer touch point along the way to help nurture long-term brand equity growth. The details matter. Every one of them. 
The most important thing, however, is connecting with your customers in an authentic way that resonates and makes them feel a part of something larger and more meaningful (and yes, that includes B2B). That emotional connection is where the magic happens. But it doesn't happen by accident. 
Transformative ideas and solutions are rarely found on the surface: It takes research. It takes focus. It takes vision. It takes teamwork. And it takes a belief in the value of your brand, your products, your company, your team and a relentless commitment to always improving and quite often, doing things differently—despite the naysayers. 
Make an authentic connection!
My motto is simple: Every brand has a story to tell. And it is our job as marketing professionals to make that story connect with the intended audience. It's not rocket science. But it does take an innate skill that is not necessarily derived solely from analytics (although I love them). Engagement requires creativity. So, do your homework. Dig a little deeper. And trust your instincts. Marketing is ultimately about making a connection. Numbers alone cannot make that happen. 
When the elements all come together and connect, it can be a tremendously rewarding experience that raises the value of your brand, inspires team members and more importantly, helps cultivate the loyalty and brand affinity that your customers return to you. 
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